Breaking Free
One Day Divorce Workshop

Cost: $25 per person
Bay Valley Christian Church presents...
Saturday, March 9th, 2013      
Our desire is to share the love of Jesus and to see lives changed by the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

This includes those who have experienced divorce. We want to help you overcome the trauma of divorce, share with you the love and forgiveness God freely offers to everyone, especially those who have experienced a divorce.

You are not alone.

Many times Christians experiencing a divorce feel alone and condemned. The first and best advice a person can receive when experiencing marital problems is to work through the tough times. Marriage is not easy and every couple will have times when both want to walk away. As a church we always point you back to the Lord and your spouse. We recommend counseling, an attitude of restoration and working through those hard times with love and respect for one another. Divorce is hard on the whole family, children especially. However, we know there are situations when even after care and counsel is given, divorce still occurs. Even though divorce is not what we hope happens to your family we want you to know that God still loves you and so do we. This is why we are offering Breaking Free, hoping you will find some deliverance and guidance during this difficult time in your life.
         a one day workshop discussing the hard topics of divorce.
Who should attend?

Anyone who has ever been divorced
     or is actively going through a divorce.
Includes take home materials, resources, continental breakfast
and lunch.
8:30am Registration
Continental Breakfast including coffee, teas, juice and pastries.

9:00am Key Note Address

We are Not Condemned

9:45am Break

Workshop Session One options:

-Dating with Kids

-Slow Cooking the Smart Step Family

10:45am Break

Workshop Session Two options:

-Dealing with a Controlling Ex

-Parenting your children
without fear and guilt

-Children and their Fathers

11:45am Break

12:00pm Lunch
Includes soup and salad bar

Various Speakers

-You are not alone

1:30pm Closing Session

Forgiveness and a Future