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Bible Based Advice
Meet the Speakers
Pastor David Ferranti

-Lead Pastor of Bay Valley Christian Church

Pastor David Ferranti is a local pastor at Bay Valley Christian Church in Bay City, MI. His wife Cheryl, two kids, Matt and Hannah, and he founded BVCC in 1991. Under his leadership, the church has grown to over a thousand people. In addition, he has networked with a number of organizations that support the training and equipping leaders. Furthermore, he travels internationally planting schools and holds leadership equipping seminars. He is also the founder of Leaders for Christ Training Center. While Pastor David has not been divorced he does know what it feels like to be a step child and will speak on "Children and their Fathers."
Dr Sherry Baker

-Psy.D, LPC Christian Counselor

With over 20 years experience as a Christian counselor, Dr. Sherry Baker is Executive Director of Educational Therapy, a licensed substance abuse treatment and counseling agency in Bay City, MI.  In 1996, Dr. Baker began providing treatment groups for the courts in Bay County and throughout Michigan.
"My goal as a counselor is to be a servant of God in ministry to hurting people.  I see counseling as a ‘coming alongside’ to help in self-examination, and in finding comfort, forgiveness, self-control, strength, and guidance for life.  I believe God’s design for relationships are of the utmost importance, so love and restoration of relationships is a main goal in counseling." – Dr. Sherry Baker

The story of the woman at the well?
John 4:1-42
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
-John 3:17, NIV
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The Bible helps restructure our thinking.
We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

The Bible and Divorce?

Yes, the Bible does offer us advice even when going through a divorce, but more importantly it tells us how to handle failure. We learn that we are not failures because we have failed, but rather human beings living in a broken world. Jesus encountered people who had been divorce or unfaithful in their marriages, and while He told them go and sin no more (earthly sin brings earthly pain, and we separate ourselves from God while sinning) He didn't condemn but rather offered forgiveness and love.

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Offering True Freedom

The Bible is full of love, understanding and wonderful guidance. It is by going to God's Word that we will find the answers we are looking for.
Mary Rathke

-Chapel Speaker

Mary Rathke has experienced the guilt of divorce, she was a divorced, single mom of two children. She has been remarried for 7 years now and has had two more children, making it a large blended family and she understands the difficulties that can produce. Mary has studied Child Development at NMC, and is currently enrolled in Leaders for Christ Training Center. She is a Ministry Director at Bay Valley Christian Church and is a regular chapel speaker at the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission where she encourages those that have made some bad life choices that God still loves them and they are not condemned.

Terri Martinez

-Life Coach

Terri is a Christian Life Coach certified in Relationship Coaching for Couples, Health and Wellness, Marriage, Stress Management, Divorce, Grief and Loss, and Hope Coaching.  She is currently training with Dr Sherry Baker and helps her to facilitate both the anger management and substance abuse groups. She is currently enrolled full time at Saginaw Valley State University working on a degree which will enable her to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to practice as an independent Christian Counselor. With Christ at the center, she is committed to walking along side clients to help them focus on discovering the future rather than revisiting the past.