The role of a Father...
  • The importance of fathers in the lives of their children, even if they are only seeing their child every other weekend.
  • Important for Moms and Dads to include the ex spouse into their child's life.
  • Rev David Ferranti, Lead Pastor
Children and their Fathers

Overcoming the guilt of being divorced...
  • Jesus spoke with Divorced People and offered them forgiveness.
  • Move forward in your life, learn to let go of the past.
  • Mary Rathke, Chapel Speaker
We are not condemned

Truly move towards forgiveness...
  • Being angry is natural but forgiveness is a must.
  • Learn how to forgive and find peace again.
  • Dr Sherry Baker, Counselor
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Forgiveness and a Future

Feel like you have no control?
  • Always giving in to avoid conflict?
  • Learn how to overcome this issue many battle with.
  • Terri Martinez, Christian Life Coach
Dealing with a controlling ex
Will my children want to go live with my ex?
  • Even though we want our children to love us the best, we must love them enough to parent them correctly.
  • Find out if a child can choose where they want to live, and the best way to handle parenting when divorced.
  • Dr Sherry Baker, Counselor
Parenting your children without fear and guilt

How do you balance being single and a parent?
  • As humans we crave relationship but when should I begin dating again?
  • Am  ready and how do I include my kids in the process?
  • Mary Rathke, Chapel Speaker
Dating with Kids

Enjoy your step family as it is...
  • Change our assumptions of how things should be.
  • Be open to creative solutions to common problems.
  • Terri Martinez, Christian Life Coach
Slow Cooking the Smart Step Family